Blog Growing Stronger – How Technology Has Made Fitness Cool

Growing Stronger – How Technology Has Made Fitness Cool

The ever-evolving world of technology is not just full of opportunities. Instead, it is also filled with hundreds and thousands of things that can make us go all, “Wow, that’s so cool” about it. One of such things in the latest trends has been fitness and exercise-related gadgets and technology. As more and more people are attracted to buying a particular product just because “It looks nice,” there are some latent functions that sustain certain uses. Some years back, if we had to check our pulse or blood pressure, a trip to the nearest clinic was the only way. But now, all you have to do is look at your wrist, and there it is.

There is no lie that the latest technology has made fitness “cool” and “fashionable.” It is not just a necessity or a chore anymore that one has to focus on; many people have found creative ways to make it worth much more. We see influencers making fitness content on Instagram, showing how many calories they burn daily, how many steps they have walked, their cycle around, and so much more. All they have to do is snap a single picture of different mobile applications or their smartwatches, and it is done.

Is Technology Really Helping?

Whether technology is as accurate, reliable, and useful as the advertisements make us believe is often debatable. The answer is that over time, these technologies have improved and played a crucial part in providing physiological data, and further improvements are on the way. As technology advances one step at a time, accessibility and improvements join in.

So, is technology helping? The answer is Yes! Being able to keep track of all your necessary vitals at your fingertip gives you the power to work on them, and without technology, it would not be as easy.

Here are some fitness checks you can track on a daily basis using technology as your friend.

Daily Step Count

Daily step count is one of the most common technological fitness features. It is built-in in almost every phone now, and one does not have to buy a separate device. Keeping track of daily step counts, setting records for yourself, and getting a compressed report are motivations of their kind.

Hydration Trackers

According to the U.S National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, the adequate amount of fluid intake for women each day is about 2.7 liters, and for men, it is 15.5 cups. Technology helps us reach that goal by giving reminders, tracking our hydration, and reporting on how much water we need to drink as per the weather every day.

Sleep Trackers

Tracking or checking the sleep pattern might not sound extremely important to some people, but it is essential to well-being. Noting similarities of sleep disruption, not getting enough sleep or waking up in the middle of the night can explain many related health problems.

Calorie Burn Count

If you exercise each day, getting to know the data of your total workout can serve as motivation and give insight into how far or close you are to your everyday goals. Knowing the calories burnt and getting details of your workout session can help maintain a record.

Calorie Intake Tracker

Several mobile apps can help you calculate your calorie intake. This is an instrumental technology if you are trying to maintain and control your calorie intake to reach a certain weight gain or weight loss goal. The latest apps are equipped with features that give you personalized plans based on the data you input.

Fasting Apps

If you are practicing intermittent fasting, many apps have features that remind you when to start and end your fast. There are positive reinforcers coming through notifications. These notifications keep you on track. One can easily create real-time data of when they ate, what they ate, and when they have to eat next based on their own body.

Period Trackers

One of the most beneficial apps for women’s health is period trackers. They work almost like magic, giving an overall insight into the full month. It keeps track based on the data on inputs about their menstruation cycle. Women can easily track their periods, ovulation cycles, and more on a single app.

These are just a few features from the myriad of technologies available online for easy access today. In the upcoming years, the world will undoubtedly witness more and more updates coming in to steal the show.

Wearable Fitness devices for you

Whether you buy specific products to keep track or download a simple, technology will help elevate your fitness fancies. Here are some of the most popular devices that are specifically designed to suit health and fitness:

  1. Smartwatches
  2. Fitbit
  3. Apple Health
  4. Samsung Health
  5. Google Fit

All of these devices work best with regular updates and upgrades. All you need to keep it working accurately is to provide correct information, have a good internet connection like Spectrum Internet, and consistently meet the target. With these three basic things, you can bring technology—and fitness together to strengthen yourself.


One cannot deny that technology has taken over our everyday chores. It has given them an easy twist, especially regarding things important to personal use. In the world we live in today, health has become secondary to some people. Therefore, getting creative and automated with its tracking is an easy way to stay on a healthy track. Download the apps essential to your health, but we are vigilant to see if they’re authentic. Buy devices that come with features that are not just fancy but useful. Health is and should always be a priority and technology can help you maintain it in the coolest possible way.

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