Blog Show The World Your Brand Standards Using Custom Display Boxes

Show The World Your Brand Standards Using Custom Display Boxes

In the business world, those who are adequately presenting their products and achievements are leading the market. You can also take your brand to the heights of success by investing in custom counter display boxes

These boxes must be customized in a way that they can represent your brand. Using these boxes you can increase the visibility of your product and increase the chances of your product sales. 

Display boxes for the retail market will facilitate the shopkeepers in exhibiting your product. Most brands invest in display packaging because it helps them to cast a positive impression on the customers. In his blog, we will try to comprehensively discuss display packaging and how it can add value to your business. 

In today’s competitive market, establishing a strong and recognizable brand is essential for any business looking to succeed. Your brand identity not only distinguishes you from competitors but also communicates your values, quality, and products to your target audience. One powerful way to showcase your brand standards is by utilizing custom display boxes. These eye-catching containers not only serve the practical purpose of packaging but also play a significant role in visually representing your brand’s uniqueness. In this article, we’ll explore how custom display boxes can help you exhibit your brand standards effectively

Custom Display Boxes: Know The Purpose 

The use of a corrugated boxes for product presentation is not a new thing. Brands and retailer has been doing this for quite a long period of time. But now display packaging is used to impress clients and show them the features of a brand. 

Display packaging boxes can portray your brand values if you manufacture them in line with your brand themes. As per a recent market study, considering the point of purchase, the use of display packaging can increase sales by up to 20%. This increase in sales is the main factor that forces companies to get display cartons for their products. 


After knowing about the qualities of a display box you are definitely inclined toward their uses. And if you are inclined you certainly want to know about the types of customized display cartons. Some types are: 


These are the most common and the oldest type of product display boxes. Countertops are placed at the top of the counters in the retail market. These boxes are ideal for the showcase of small products like candies, chocolates, lip balms, nutrition bars, etc. 

Power wings 

As the name indicates these boxes are attached to the corner of the shelves like wings. Using a power wing for the display of your product will help you to increase sales. The position of power wings makes them highly visible to the customer which is why they positively impact your sales.  

Floor display 

The third type of display box is the floor display. Here again, the name indicates the placement of the boxes. A floor display box is used to exhibit large products. Most of the time, if a new product is launched in the market floor display is used.

Box Styles 

As most of the brands are using display packaging boxes to showcase their products, what can make you different? What do you think can force the customers to choose products from your brand? The simple answer is that you must use different box styles for your product display. 

Dispenser packaging box is available in various styles. Some of the best box styles are listed below: 

  1. Pop counter display tray
  2. Front cut display tray
  3. Side lock top display box
  4. Easel display stand
  5. Double wall display lid


After discussing display packaging boxes in the first half of the blog, you may definitely be convinced about using them. For further elaboration on display box advantages, you must read the following points: 

An Inexpensive Marketing 

Custom display boxes are highly economical marketing tools. These boxes represent your brand 24/7 in the market. While for other marketing tactics, you need to constantly invest in order to continuously promote your brand, by using a display box you can get rid of marketing expenditures. Just get a custom box once for your products and use them for several days or even months. 

Plenty Of Customization Options 

Plenty of customization options are available for product display packaging. You can add a logo to promote your brand and use different box styles to create a unique display of the product. Besides this, you can add a  catchy quote on the boxes to grab customer attention. 


Display boxes for retail are highly convenient particulate for retailers. They just have to display the product on the countertops to make the product visible. A die-cut window on the boxes further facilitates the retailers in accessing the displayed products.  

Generate Revenue 

Display boxes help in generating a reasonable amount of revenue. For instance, if your product is visible to the costumes and looks attractive, customers will definitely select your product. When the customers select your product, your sales will increase. 

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Wrap up!

Custom display boxes can stand you at the top of the market because of their catchy and convenient nature. You can use these to show the world what is the standard of your brand. There are multiple types and styles of display boxes that can be customized in a unique way to grab the attention of the customer. 

Custom display boxes offer an effective platform to showcase the standards of your brand in an engaging manner, leaving an indelible mark on customers and encouraging loyalty by including its personality in packaging – it represents more than just packaging; it encapsulates the history and principles of your company.


Q1: Can custom display boxes work for small businesses? 

A1: Absolutely! Custom display boxes can be tailored to fit the needs and budgets of businesses of all sizes.

Q2: How can I ensure the design aligns with my brand identity? 

A2: Collaborating with a professional design team ensures that the custom display boxes perfectly reflect your brand’s aesthetics.

Q3: Are there eco-friendly options for custom display boxes? 

A3: Yes, many packaging companies offer sustainable materials and practices for eco-conscious brands.

Q4: Can I use custom display boxes for online sales? 

A4: Definitely! Custom display boxes enhance the unboxing experience for online customers, making it more memorable.

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