Blog The Art of Garment Care: A Guide to Proper Washing and Drying

The Art of Garment Care: A Guide to Proper Washing and Drying

The process of choosing a suitable washing detergent is a lengthy one as you need to go through many factors like fabric type, durability, and chances of getting the desired outcome. 

No one wants to get their fabric ruined and for that, some follow proper instructions while others fail to do so because of the lack of knowledge and resources and that’s the reason that mastering the true art of garment care is challenging.

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So, if you’re eager to learn some effective guides for washing and drying your clothes, then read them below:

The first and most important guide every beginner must follow before tossing their clothes in the washing machine is to learn the sorting of laundry first. You cannot just put all the clothes (white and coloured ones) together in the washing machine, it can go wrong as the white ones can get ruined because of colour bleeding.

To avoid this scenario, you can check the label on each of your fabrics which will provide you with the proper washing and drying guidance like ideal water temperature and type of detergent.

  • Selecting an Ideal Detergent

Selecting the right washing detergent is also an important guide to master the true art of garment care and the reason is that every fabric has different washing requirements which you must follow. If by chance, you get the wrong detergent, then your fabric will fade away its colour, and flexibility and can even torn apart.

In that case, you should look for detergents which are labelled as colour–safe and do not contain any harsh chemical as it contributes to both fabric and environmental safety.

  • Learning all the features of your Washing Machine

It might sound unusual, but if you know all the features of your washing machine, then you can be the true artist of washing your clothes. It’s a guide you should keep in mind and tell your friends as well about it.

Furthermore, there are many modern-designed washing machines with different settings for each washing cycle according to the fabrics and soil levels. 

However, you can even speed up and enhance the washing process of your clothes by turning the delicate fabrics inside out before tossing them in the washing machine and setting the gentle washing cycle.

  • Try Handwashing as Well 

Every individual should learn how to hand wash their clothes as some fabrics are very sensitive and can get permanent damage if washed in the washing machine. Fabrics like undergarments, and embellished pieces can only be washed by hand so keep that in mind.

Use lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent in the process and after washing, squeeze your clothes gently between two towels instead of wringing them. It’ll minimize the stress on your fabric and keep them in shape.

  • The Process of Drying Clothes

You should keep in mind that drying your clothes is just as important as washing them and if you don’t know the effective method, then you better learn it. Most of the people use dryers to dry their clothes to save their time.

However, it can damage your fabric by fading the colour and even shrinking so, it’s crucial to dry your clothes naturally, but if you still want to use a dryer, then select a low heat setting for delicate fabrics as they’re prone to shrinking.

  • Ironing and Steaming

Now comes the final step which is steaming and ironing and if you manage to learn that by keeping your clothes smooth and wrinkle-free, then you can call yourself the true master of garment care.

Just remember that whenever you start to steam your clothes, always choose the low heat setting to avoid scorching, and iron delicate fabrics inside out if you want to speed up the ironing process, then get a steamer.

Steamers are perfect for fabrics like silk and wool, as they remove wrinkles without coming in contact.

Final Thoughts 

Learning the true art of garment care without a doubt is a tough task but once you achieve it, there won’t be any problems for you regarding the process of washing and drying your clothes. Surely you’ll face some difficulties in the beginning but it’ll reward you later.

In addition, you just need to sort your laundry first, then look for a washing detergent perfect for your fabrics (chemical-free), learn all the features of your washing machines, and know how to hand wash your clothes if needed.

By doing all this you’ll not only make your life easy but others as well by telling them the above-mentioned guides for washing and drying clothes.


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