Blog Factors to Ensure Before You Buy Your Office Printer

Factors to Ensure Before You Buy Your Office Printer

Factors to Ensure Before You Buy Your Office Printer

Office hardware is essential to perform day-to-day operations. Importantly, the printer is foremost a need of every business, which helps save money and time on printing large projects. Therefore, when businesses jump into the market to look for a printer, they don’t often find a fair deal. Considering this, companies need to find vendors that offer flexible agreement terms and help you save more money.

Furthermore, when it comes to the printing department, your hardware needs to be durable. This reduces extra cuts from your finances and allows you to maximize your productivity with the latest printing models. Most businesses don’t evaluate their needs and get a deal that turns out to be expensive and leads to unnecessary expenses. Knowing this, there are a few factors to consider when you look for your office printer in the market.

In this guide you will learn about the factors to ensure before you buy your office printer.

What Makes a Printer Worth Buying?

Printer in today’s age are a lot different than how they used to be. With the evolution of technology, there are new printing devices that help employees to do their work without experiencing burnout. This also helps your workforce to be productive and efficient throughout the day and minimize most of the printing waste. Reducing waste leads to less document output and eventually keeps your printing expenses in control.

Here are all the factors you must ensure before buying office printer.

1. Size and Speed

The size of the printer depends on the image dimensions you are looking for in your printing outputs. You can evaluate this by asking your employees, customers, or clients. For instance, if you previously had a 17″ and you were unhappy with the size, you may want a different model. This brings more options to the table, such as 24″ and 44″ wide printers to help you get the ideal paper size.

Speed, on the other hand, is difficult to achieve without affecting your output image resolution. Considering this, most businesses refer to Xerox Dubai to get a printer that prints the right size with enhanced speed. This also retains your output resolution and gives you the maximum printing efficiency to help your employees feel less overwhelmed.

2. Image Quality

Printer image quality depends on the market and industry you are in. For example, if you are looking for a printer for photography and art, you should look for a 1200dpi print resolution. Additionally, most printers have resolution modes, so you can switch between dpi and choose the ideal for any specific project.

Additionally, you must look for ICC profiling printers. It is important for office-based printers as they mostly use the same profile for all their output. Therefore, when you enter the market, you must ensure that your printer is easy to profile. This allows you to accurately produce the same printing colors without any need for frequent re-profiling.

3. Ease of Use

With various range of features available in your new printing model, it can also leave your employees confused. Therefore, when you opt for a printer that is designed and user-friendly, it will eliminate the need for troubleshooting. This also leads to fewer employee burnout cases and helps your printing department ensure smooth workflows.

The ease of use comes down to various factors, including your employees’ current expertise in the field. However, you still must ensure that your printing easily unloads/loads media and the control panel is easy to navigate. Also, you should look out for a custom printer to ensure easy implementation of ICC profiles and other media settings.

4. Support

Before you partner up with any buying or leasing company, you must ensure that they are willing to assist. In most cases, printers can turn out to be frustrating, lead to inefficiency of your employees, and affect your workplace. Therefore, when the manufacturer or vendor provides support that is available 24/7 at your fingertips, you can tackle all printing obstacles.

Therefore, you should include in the agreement that the company you are buying from offers support for all printing aspects. This includes video tutorials, instructional documents, phone and email support, and availability of technical staff. This will set you free from the hassle and expenses of seeking support from any 3rd party.

5. Maintenance Agreement

A maintenance agreement is the most important aspect of your printing deal. Printers with a high load of large-scale projects can easily encounter hardware failures and other technical problems. Without ensuring support from your vendor will lead to extra expenses spent on repairing and maintaining the hardware.

Therefore, when you have a printing agreement that includes maintenance, it gives you peace of mind. Considering this, most businesses opt for Xerox Dubai, which offers flexible contract terms and provides you with maintenance and other services when there is a need. Additionally, with industry experts available in vendors, staff will quickly help you troubleshoot and get rid of printing problems.

Where Can You Get The Best Office Printer?

Get an office printer with proactive support from the vendor to keep your printing operations smooth. Using the latest cutting-edge technology printing models will set you free from employee inefficiency and burnout. Contact now and keep your employees productive with the best printer available for your office.

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