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How Do I Disable YouTube Shorts?

Disable YouTube Shorts

In today’s fast world everyone needs a faster way to do any type of work even in entertainment we need faster inputs. So trends of short clips or videos are coming, videos may be funny, informative etc.

However someone wants to see full or we can say long videos and doesn’t like short videos that are TikTok spreads, reels on Instagram, YouTube shorts etc.

Sometimes YouTube shorts are so annoying and we need to stop them and a question comes to mind: can you disable YouTube shorts? The answer to this question is yes we can. Let’s discuss how to get rid of YouTube shorts in the further sections of the article.

Why Would Anyone Want to Disable YouTube Shorts?

Short video content is now everywhere. Either take YouTube or any social media platform like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or any other. It’s like Google has mandated this short video content. But not everyone is entertained by it. Some want to see the detailed content but short videos occupy the space and users get stuck in its loop. Not only this, but some are so annoying that users feel like deleting them immediately. There is no direct way to remove them, but some tweaks could help. 

Tweaks to Disable YouTube Shorts

After knowing that it is possible to get rid of some YouTube shorts, the question arises- How to block YouTube shorts? 

Let’s discuss the ways to disable or remove the shorts from our YouTube application that are:

By Opening A Desktop Site on your Android or iOS Phone

for this method, you need to open the desktop version of YouTube:

  • Open YouTube on the web browser on your phone.
  1. Now select the desktop site view from the settings.
  2. Now scroll down to the home page and select the  ‘shorts’.
  3. Simply select ‘×’ or not interested by selecting the menu from the top right corner of shorts (°°°).

2. Select the “Not Interested” Option

Now you see the not interested selection one time all recommendations of shorts are removed but it is not a permanent solution. Whenever you search for new videos the shorts come along with your search and every time you have to select the not interested option from the settings by opening the three-dot menu. But it is not a permanent solution to remove shorts. So we need a solution for how to disable YouTube shorts permanently. Although if you want to download youtube video in mp3 format plz visit YouTube 2 MP3 Converter

3. Back to the Previous Version of YouTube(For Android)

You can remove YouTube shorts permanently by uninstalling the YouTube updates from the phone. i.e. select the older version of YouTube from the versions 14.13.54 or older. In this version, shorts are not recommended. 

  • By installing youtube you have to stop the auto update of youtube by opening the menu from the upper right corner by clicking on the three dots.


YouTube shorts are useful for some and annoying for others. If you want you can disable them using the ways defined in the article and get more such informative content by visiting Allinsider.

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